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Oct 31, 2012 9:00pm EDT
senator norm coleman from minnesota to ohio to tell voters there that mitt romney had no intention of overturning roe versus wade even though mitt romney himself says he would do everything he could to overturn roe versus wade. he said if that happened be he would be delighted to sign a bill banning all abortion at the federal level. last week in ohio mr. romney made a mistake, an out and out gaffe. >> i saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, jeep, now owned by the italians, is thinking of moving all production to china. >> not true. totally false. jeep is not doing that. the day mitt romney told that made-up horror story to ohio voters chrysler had already announced that actually they were expanding. in ohio and in michigan. they weren't pulling out. mitt romney responded to the instant fact checking not by taking it back but by turning that lie into a new ad for ohio. and then he bought extra air time for it in toledo, where ohio workers make jeeps and where being told falsely that your job's being shipped to china might be personally terrifying news
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
, looking to reach crucial swing voters. our new poll now has romney in a dead heat with the president after trailing by nine points just over a month ago. romney is now edging out the president among seniors and has cut his lead with women voter in half. today will be romney's first campaign rally since hurricane sandy pounded the east coast. tuesday he was in the key state of ohio but focused his attention on the storm as he helped supporters box supplies for victims. >> part of the american spirit. the american way to give to people who are in need. and your generosity this morning touches my heart and i appreciate what you've done. >> reporter: in florida romney is expected to continue pushing a message of bipartisanship. our polls show voters believe he'll do a better job work with democrats and republicans, more florida voters also say romney has stronger leadership qualities than the president. but that poll was taken before hurricane sandy and so now the president is dealing with the aftermath and the response to that storm has a huge opportunity to try to change those views and also
Oct 29, 2012 3:30am EDT
hometown there when voters got to see that mitt romney had a plan and the president didn't. and now in the last few days, he's trying to gloss that over with a 20-page glossy document. he doesn't have a plan, mitt romney does. in fact just yesterday as i was traveling the state, there were literally farmers out in fields that had almost like a burma shave commercial. they had one sign after another after another that listed out the five points of his plan. people want to know how they're going to get working in janesville or green bay or wausau or milwaukee or superior. they want to know how we're going to get working again. i think it was clear after the debate. they saw record numbers of volunteers coming into the campaign offices. more importantly, we saw the biggest jump in the polls in wisconsin after people saw the difference in that first debate. >> i want to ask you both about the experiences you've had in your states, dealing with the other side, the party on the other side, and how you think that may be instructive to, to washington in a new congress, in a new administrati
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
picking tim kane for various reasons. some of these romney voters are more moderate republicans and the like tim kane better than his opponent. are there similar voters for obama and george allen? i am sure there are. i never met one of them. but i will say this -- george allen, despite what happened in 2006, he has won from time to time in running for statewide office 15% of the african- american vote. there would be a case in some precincts where you find some obama-allen voters. it will be interesting to see what the ticket-splitting pattern is. i can clearly see and most observers have come across the same thing, i can clearly see a band of voters who vote for mitt romney who also would for tim kaine. host: finally a tweet -- guest: it is a major force in the republican party. they strongly support people like our current attorney general ken cuccinelli. a major force in the republican party. they could easily dominate any republican convention. we've got a convention picking the republican nominee for governor, lieutenant governor, an attorney general to be held next spring
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am PDT
romney who are if you will poo-pooing on that moment of joint unity. it makes some voters take pause to say these are people in romney's camp who say this is a bad thing. how can you see this as anything other than a good thing to have these two leaders together. >> right. people actually criticized the republicans, including rush limbaugh, who pounced on that. hurricane sandy, where people actually might say somehow this was the moment where either mitt romney or barack obama lost the contest, the blame to put on this, we saw this before. of course, it was in 2008 with lehman brothers collapse. you say a lot of republicans blame that for john mccain and sarah palin's loss more than the overall dynamics of what that presidential contest was about. in 2004 that osama bin laden tape that surfaced right before the election, there were john kerry partisans that blamed that for actually hurting john kerry at the end of the day. >> thank you very much. i hope to see you tomorrow. thank you, mark. >>> right now officials in states hard-hit by hurricane sandy are making final plans for the e
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
is simply massive. back in june 2011 when governor romney was trying to win over republican primary voters at a debate, you may have seen this. he had this to say about how to fix the financially-strapped federal emergency management agency better known as fema. take a listen. >> romney: every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. and if you go even further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. >> jennifer: send it back to the private sector is even better. fast forward to today. seven days until the election. the nation is seeing the aftermath of hurricane sandy. romney didn't have an answer for reporters when they asked him five times about fema. for perspective on what fema might look like under a romney administration, i'm joined by marcos, the founder and the publisher of daily kos. he joins us from berkley california. great to have you back inside "the war room." >> good evening, jennifer. >> je
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. likely voters favored romney over the president by one point in a "abc news" washington post. and five points in in the latest gallup tracking poll. an american research poll showed the president with a two-point edge. we should know next week whether the singer meat loaf at a rally last night shift the balance of weight in that key state. a purple poll gave thethe one-point engine in cool and showed him tied with romney at 47-47 in virginia. the republican-leaning rasmussen gave obama a two-point lead over romney in florida. david axelrod still seems confident of a obama win leaving romney to place to go. in my view we have got the lead and the ball. the question is how does he change that now. maybe so, but the job numbers that come out the friday before the election still have the potential to change the dynamics in this very tight race. for administer on this speech the every tightens polls i'm joined by christia freeland digital editor at thomson reuters and author of "plutocrats." and by robert scheer editor at truth and author of "the great american stick up up:show reag
Nov 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
is leading among those voters 62-36%, but romney is up among election day voters 52-42%. the fact that president obama has a number of planned visits here in ohio before election day suggests that the obama campaign is not satisfied that they have locked down this state. as for the president's state of mind, david axelrod said the president is exhilarated and that his stump speech is "coming from his loins." lester, back to you, and i want erica to the nbc family. >> kristin, thank you. it's great to be here. >>> we also want to check in now with peter alexander joining us from newington, new hampshire. peter, good morning. >> reporter: adding my voice to that chorus, of course, welcoming you here today. we are in new hampshire where mitt romney is going to kick off this day after an exhaustive 18-hour day friday. listen to his schedule. he starts here in new hampshire, heads to iowa, to colorado, back to iowa, then to ohio, to pennsylvania, and virginia, and then he sleeps tomorrow night in florida. that's just the next 36 hours. the real priority right now for the romney campaig
Nov 1, 2012 10:30pm EDT
was under mitt romney. >> a maryland voter said she didn't mind waiting in line at the polls, but she did mind what happened next, this story at 11:00. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message
Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
romney return to the campaign trail, and with less than a week before the voters head to the polls, it is unclear exactly how much the storm's fallout will affect the outcome of the election. >> this morning to break it all down for us, former senior advise tore president clinton and new writer richard sweeney and will kane who does have electricity this morning. i have to warn you about the moods right now. electricity, no electricity. >> the other way. >> sorry. this may cheer you up. we have some new state polls out, just minutes ago from the new york times and quinnipiac show the race close but in one key state barack obama appearing to open up a lead. that's ohio. look at that. 50 to 45. florida, 48 to 47. virginia, 49 to 47. i want to talk about ohio, richard, bauds we have seen a number consistently because two to five points the last week. do you think democrats are feeling pretty safe now about ohio? >> i think we all think it is still very close. i think it is, you know, all the polls in ohio consistently have shown the president with a slight or small lead. we
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
likely independent voters romney defeats obama 46% to 439%. the president hats improved 5 points since october. here is something interesting among extremely interested voters 53% to 42%. now on the question of favorability. just about tied. president obama 52%. governor romney 51%. poet have 56% unfavorable rating. fox news also asked the folks if the obama administration has tried to mislead americans about the attacks on libya. 44% say yes. 47% say no. full-timably president obama's hand links of libya. 47% approve. 47% disprove. much of the mainstream libya has covered the president over libya and the issue has not gained big time traction. fox news correspondent catherine herridge reports she reviewed a cable sent why by the u.s. mission to the secretary of state hillary clinton on august 16th. it went to mrs. clinton's office. it stated americans in benghazi did not believe the consulate could be defended against a coordinated attack. of course on 9/11 there were coordinated terrorist attacks that killed ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. it is clear the ob
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of ohio. >> dr. peterson, "the washington post" to are's point had an article entitled, mitt romney's campaign insults voters. through all the flip-flops there has been one consistency in the campaign of republican president nominee mitt romney, a contempt for the electorate. mr. rrm seems to be betting that voters have no memories, poor arithmetic skills and general inability to look behind the curtain. we hope the results tuesday prove him wrong. >> yeah, again, if we put that revenge comment in its proper context, part of what that revenge is about is romney's violation of the public trust. when we look at these different things that have gone on in the campaign, it's very, very difficult to see mitt romney as an authentic campaigner or authentic politician. that's where you get the revenge piece. that's where the oped seems to be right on point. again, we look at a number of different issues. look at the adz playing in ohio right now. you look at that chrysler ad, you look at this desperate republican ad trying to convince black folk that the republican party are on their side.
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, gentler mitt romney who didn't want to scare away women voters. i think a number of people were struck, as cal said, by the president's patronizing attitude which even rachel madow had to point out. i think governor romney did a lot of good with that. i think most of the media recognized it. >> which romney are you going to gets? how conservatives going to be assured this was so hawkish up two weeks before the debate and all of a sudden he is green with almost everything i think. >> he is trying to lead like bill clinton. >> alan cares about us conservatives. [ laughter ] >> a fascinating sub text to this debate is matt fine an important reporter for "new york times," how bill clinton may have hurt the campaign. and clearly obama forces going to the "new york times" saying, look we followed clinton's advice saying romney was right winger and he turned out to be moderate. somebody told him to put it in. clearly it's a obama forces. interesting thing on the democratic side. >> jon: one noted the left was confident that romney would scare the hell out of voters by coming across as, in the
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of voters in ohio. >> it is good to know that you are confident of the integrit of the election. what are the issues that will move them for president obama or romney in >> they are going to be economic issues in the main. but the religious arbitrate - electricity - liberty is impacting the category of voters that the president thought he had in his hip pocket. women and blue collar workers and the like. the catholic church going on the offensive to protect religious liberty is a potential force that can change the result in ohio. >> your prediction. romny or obama? >> i think romney will narrowly eck it out. i just hope we know what is going on on november 6th or seventh. >> great to see you. coming up michael barone with numbers that he said will decide the election in a land slide. but for whom, stay with us. to find out. i would like it hear fru. go to my website and sign up for facebook fage and - page and follow me on twitter. you can find that and more in [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare
Oct 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. in this pew poll that is just out, more than a third of voters said their impression of governor romney was improved in that first debate. we know from the usa today gallup poll that the first debate had much more impact than the second and third debates. thought president obama won the second and third debates but it's the first debate that had such a big impression. another thing that strikes me. 47-47, 49-49. in an election that is that tight and in an election where the president is probably. .. has a slightly better standing in the swing states, we could have the kind of split decision we had in 2000. where president obama wins the electoral college and mitt romney wins the popular vote. that is possible with the scenario we see now. >> woodruff: dan, the pew poll also shows that the voters who favor governor romney say they are more interested, more likely to definitely turn out to vote than are those who are favoring the president. >> yes, and that's a very important indicator. and another factor in that, that same poll shows that republicans are more enthusiastic about voting f
Oct 29, 2012 5:30pm PDT
with the scenario we see now. >> woodru: dan,he pew poll also shows that the voters who favor governor romney say they are more interested, more likely to definitely turn out to vote than are those who are favoring the president. >> yes, and that's a very important indicator. and another factor in that, that same poll shows that republicans are more enthusiastic about voting for governor romney. but earlier in fall, a higher percentage of republicans said they were voting against president obama. today a higher percentage of republicans, a majorityay they areoting f govnor romney. there has has been a change in enthusiasm. judy, i think one question that every pollster and every analyst i've talked to recently is trying to figure out is what will the composition of this electorate be? will republicans equal democrats in the number... percentage of the vote? what will the percentage of white voters be versus nonwhite voters? because this is so close, all of those questions are vitally important. we can't tell that in advance. >> woodruff: finally, susan, in just a few seconds, what do you look for
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
be re-elected and why voters should not give mitt romney a chance, suzanne. >> let's talk a little bit about the sprint to the finish here, briana, because i imagine you'll be doing an auchl lot of traveling here. the president who will be campaigning today, of course, at nevada and colorado following this event. tomorrow he is in ohio. the weekend unbelievable the schedule here. we are talking about a blitz across seven battleground states. do we expect that the message is going to change? what is going to be the closing argument we're going hear from this president? >> you know, i think it is -- it isn't really just -- this to me, this event here, is really the kickoff to the final push. changed a little bit, obviously, because of storm sandy, but this became the kickoff, the final push. by my count he has 17 stops through monday before election day. who knows? more could be added. that may change. this is the first of 17, and when you look at it, more than half of those stops are going to be where? yes, ohio, but also here in wisconsin and iowa. this kind of midwest firewall as some
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
you the bad news first. mitt romney now leads the president by about one point nationally 49-48%? an abc "washington post" poll out today, a very narrow lead but still a lead. among independent voters romney is ahead even more. poll tracker shows that romney is up and it really pains me to say this but he is up by six points among independents. but stay with me here is the good news, a new batch of swing state polls shows in the battleground states the president is gaining ground. let's take a look at today's swing state showdown for the latest. according to today's poll tracker average, the president holds the lead in seven of nine swing states. mitt romney is just ahead in two of them. we'll take a look at l thesewo mittttomomy y atat firsrs florida and north carolina. in north carolina mitt romney has a 2-point lead. this is again today's polls. he is also ahead in florida, but by actually less than a point. as for the president, he is ahead in these seven swing states but extremely small margins. as you can see, no more than three points in any of thes
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm EDT
candidate mitt romney is courting voters in florida. steve handlesman with our report now. >> reporter: president obama set out to survey hurricane damage in new jersey, six days before the election, still no campaign. mitt romney campaigned in tampa, sympathizing with the victims of sandy. >> the kind of trauma you experienced here in florida more than once. and it's interesting to see how people come together. >> reporter: he pivoted to the election. >> people coming together is also what's going to happen i believe on november 7. >> reporter: the race in florida is closer, 48% to 47%. but in ohio, it's still a five-point obama advantage in the most important state. and in new jersey, the president got a boost that could help him in all the swing states. more praise for his storm response from romney backer republican governor chris chr t christie. >> i've instituted a 15-minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor, governor, county officials. if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> it's been a great working rel
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
trail, romney toned down his criticism of the president, coping his message positive as he tries to win over florida voters. >> washington has to begin to come together. >> reporter: accompanied by the state's popular former governor jeb bush, romney emphasized his own record as massachusetts governor of bipartisanship. >> it was not lost on me to get anything done at all, and even to have my veto upheld, i need to have people across the aisle that i could work with. >> remember the president talked about romneysia? well it's contagious. congressman ryan's caught it. >> reporter: vice president joe biden accused the romney campaign of lying in a new ad in ohio that implies the auto bailout is sending american jobs overseas. >> why would they do this in the face of the overwhelming fact -- >> reporter: paul ryan said the ad was try troou. >> those stats are inconvenient for the president but no one disputes them. >> reporter: and ryan fought back hard. >> president obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy. taxpayers still stand to lose billion billions of dollars from the president's m
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
! [ cheers and applause ] >> governor mitt romney trying to seal the deal with voters and the important state of colorado asking them if they want more of the same or if they want real change. glad you're with us. i'm rick folbaum. >> heather: i'm arthel neville. welcome it a brand-new now inside america's election headquarters. we are awaiting the start of president obama's star studded event in the key swing state of iowa. kate walsh and singer john mellencamp both making an appearance. >> let's go back to colorado springs and chief political correspondent carl cameron traveling with the romney camp. this is now a sprint to the finish line, isn't it? what can learn about the final campaign steps? >> well, he's going to a number of battle ground states where the polls are incredibly tight. we are now 73 hours and 45 minutes from the polls closing on the east coast. and mitt romney is racing around the battle ground states. we've been o iowa -- to iowa today. this event in colorado, then we'll fly to des moines and continue the sprint across country with visits in ohio and virginia, new hamps
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
spell trouble if you look at these polls. the pew center found 50% of these voters said romney would do a better job of improving the job situation, just 42% said president obama. neither candidate, i can tell you, from a business reporter standpoint, has created a strong plan. >> selling his business experience, it sold very well. it took a huge dip over the summer when all of the bain capital ads came out, when the obama campaign completely pounded mitt romney on the airwaves for what he did as a businessman. but we saw the comeback during that first debate when people took a look at mitt romney and said, oh, look, he seems to know what he's talking about. the president put in a subpar kind of performance in that first debate and we saw mitt romney's numbers rise and surpass the president's. two other numbers you already know, christine, one of them is consumer confidence. even if it's bad now, if you think it's going to get better, your going to vote on that. and the other one is that question about who understands you best, who understands your loif, who understand your needs. and p
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2012 9:20am EDT
. early voting, this is a good indicator of voter enthusiasm and romney has gotten half of early votes accord to go pew research. half of them and independents, latest poll shows romney 7% lead among independent voters. what do you say, monica. >> that independent number is significant and may actually climb. when you look at independent voting going on now, early voting and polling among independents, in the swing states. romney is leading obama by 7 in ohio, and a whopping 21 among independents in virginia and 5 among independents in florida. now, some of those numbers may close up, but what it tells you is that look, races are won in the middle when you're leading by this amount and this percentage, nationally and in the swing states among independents, it looks very good for mitt romney. the other thing to look at, too, it party i.d. which gallop showed this week at a record high for republicans, romney leading 10 points in party i.d., voter i.d. stuart: is that big enough to swing the states? >> i would say 5 to 6 points, maybe not. 21, yes. romney is going to win virginia, but we
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 8:00pm PDT
-american voters and singleles and crowd. and they would like to get the same turn out. romney has to go in the old neighborhood in the outer suburbs was columbus and by the way, that is where a number of romny and ryan campaigns. >> we are not ready for the yet. but who do you see winning the election? >> i see romney winning the election. i see him generally ahead in the polls and i see him, i see president obama at fren percent. that is not because people don't know him. you have 53 percent last time. 100 percent of the people know him and observed him closely for four years and you can't help but observe the president closely and only 47 percent are voting for him f. the election were held would he have the 270 vote majority nailed i think so but not sure. we have seen the situation where winninglet popular vote didn't win the electorial vote. but he's clearly within reach of 270 electoral votes. >> i have a lot confidence and you are usually right when everybody else is wrong. we'll fiped out how it turned out. >> we'll see if i am red-faced. >> i am sure you will not be. >> michael marone. ne
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, maybe mitt romney thinks that only voters are watching and not fact checkers, but, you know, the fact that he has refused to answer where he is on all of these issues, the fact that during the debates, he essentially hid his true positions, for example, he also is denying that he would turn medicare into a voucher system. he denies that he has a $5 trillion tax cut plan, skewed towards the wealthy, that would increase taxes on the middle class. it comes down to, who do you trust? >> well, he just won't answer any -- >> and president obama has consistently been there. >> no doubt. now, with this storm, and the aftermath, you think voters will react to romney's theme of flip-flop? is this a major issue for him right now, where it would affect voters? >> well, you know, i think there's a very clear example here, where you have the president, you know, making sure that we put first things first, you lay politics aside, and both as the storm was approaching and in the aftermath of the storm, that as commander in chief, he's protecting the americans who are in harm's way. and making sure th
Oct 31, 2012 8:00pm PDT
voters will react to romney's theme of flip-flop? is this a major issue for him right now, where it would affect voters? >> well, you know, i think there's a very clear example here, where you have the president, you know, making sure that we put first things first, you lay politics aside, and both as the storm was approaching and in the aftermath of the storm, that as commander in chief, he's protecting the americans who are in harm's way. and making sure that we can get things cleaned up and get them -- their needs taken care of -- >> but, i mean, mitt romney has talking about privatizing this part of the government. this has been his philosophy. >> yes, and as a floridian, that's very disturbing. i can tell you that because six months of the year in florida, we are in harm's way, potentially, during hurricane season. you know, that idea that mitt romney, during the primaries, in answer to a point-blank question from john king, about whether or not we should get rid of fema and send this responsibilities to the states, he said, yes, and then even better, you could go further and privati
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
days away, president obama and governor romney are making their final arguments to voters this weekend. we have correspondents following both campaigns and want to begin with kristin welker in minter, ohio. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lester. it is really no surprise that president obama is kicking off the weekend here in ohio. this state is really key to his midwest firewall. if mitt romney doesn't win ohio, it is very unlikely that he will hold on to the presidency. according to our latest nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll, president obama has an honest lead here in ohio. let's take a look at the latest numbers. according to our poll, president obama has a six-point lead in the buckeye state, which is unchanged from last month. he's gotten high marks after hurricane sandy with seven in ten voters approving of his handling of the storm and he has a slight edge when it comes to handling the economy. 48% say mr. obama would do a better job compared to 46% who side with romney. on friday, mr. obama made a three-stop blitz here in ohio, staking his cl
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am PDT
in voter sentiment. romney close the gap in michigan the detroit news. chris stirewalt is the host of power play on governor romney is buying ad time and the president is trying to match him while sending bill clinton and joe biden, to minnesota and michigan all thought to be in the blue-state column in this election, because he's trying to head fake us or he has a legitimate shot of winning those election tore kwral rich states. >> part of the reason is that there is so gosh darn much money in this year's election neither candidate is abiding by the old limits on spending and the money is out there so both candidates have deep pockets in their campaign, they say, let's take a try here, let's take a try here. it's very telling where the gambit is taking place, it's not on the red turf it's on the blue turf. it's in blue wall streets, pennsylvania, minnesota, those are places that democrats don't want to be worried about. particularly interesting is michigan which has been a bulwark of the democratic party as important to them as any other state where you see the race essentiall
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm PDT
? >> the franken bedroom. >> if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables romney to oust barack obama, we will burn this mother. [ bleep ] down. >> number six. >> if you vote early you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry that's not accurate. >> o.h. god i love that. it's so fun. >> yes, it's not that fun. our city has got a way better calling response thing. new york! yeah. >> number two. >> early voters will receive a $5 million donation from donald trump. >> mr. attorney general, as i remember, mitt romney wrote that op ed that said the gm should go through a managed bankruptcy, which they did which the president says that's essentially what car industry. mr. attorney general. >> what is that related to? >> what. >> a deal that went down before the storm ever happened. if bloomberg gets this date, you're going to come out and endorse president obama and then tie it to climate change, they have to go through this. that was a back door deal because no one in their right mind would go out yesterday and say i'm endorseing president obama because of his climate change stance
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